Is this Bud Rot II

This is a pict of my bros auto flower, it was given to him, and he has no clue what hes doing between beers, ihave been guiding him by phone but he no listen, he sent me this pict because i knew we were close to putting it in the dark, outside plant that he puts in the cab of his tractor at night, (i told him to leave it be,just protect it from heavy rain) , now it looks like he had some bud rot, what do you think?

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Ouch. Rot. Cut it all off.


Yep without a doubt

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Yes we all feel you’re pain , I can’t seem to stop it, I done harvested 3 a little earlier than I wanted too , still good, better than loseing everything, also having a problem with some powdery mildew because of the lack of Sunshine and too much rain