Is this bud rot? If yes, harvest now or treatable?

Found a caterpillar eating his way through one of the buds and leaving a mess behind. Decided to look for more, didn’t find any caterpillars but found this in a few of them:

Is this bud rot or other damage? I cut them off, but not really sure if it will only get worse or be fine. Appreciate any input.

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Bud rot yes.

Put a bag over it first then cut it below, be aggressive.
Spores you cant see with the naked eye are going everywhere as you mvoe or touch it.

Bud wahs your bud and salvage what you can…

Befoe you do that can we see a picture of the whole plant?


Here is the whole plant, unfortunately there are two other close to it.


Had the same problem …I cut it out when I saw it …
Next day I saw a tiny more in the same spot cut the entire cola …and then cut another inch or so below …salvaged the rest with a bud wash …

Harvested the entire plant with zero bud rot a few days ago

This can develop into bud rot if you let it go

Nickys advice is the way to go just showing it’s possible to do


That sucks! I think I would very aggressively defoliate to try and get some more air movement through the plants. Like Nicky said bag 1st and cut below. Such a shame, beautiful plants


May have already screwed up; touched and opened about half the buds on all the plants with the same pair of gloves looking for caterpillars/caterpillar damage.

Aggressively defoliate and wait a few days? Or harvest the whole plant(s)? Thanks for any advice.

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Yup bud rot. With my debilitating asthma, I would be forced to toss it.

Is it ok to make butter out of plants with bud rot

Those girls look :eyes: like they could have used a good hair cut. As @Pinboy indicated all those large fan leaves will block airflow. They can also trap moisture which is what leads to bud rot.

Bud rot is a combination of mold and fungus this is not something you want to introduce to your body.

Not an effective way to get penicillin.

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I wish I knew what to tell you. I had an outdoor auto growing on the deck this year. Everything was going good till 1 day it’s wasn’t… I noticed 1 small spot of bud rot. I figured I would wait until the next day to harvest it even though it wasn’t quite ready. The next day that spot was 2x as big. I cut it out and did a peroxide bud wash and saved over 80%. I got lucky,

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I’m glad I got it away from the rest of the plants I hope it didn’t spread I’m in tucson and it’s hot and dry here so that helps I think. keeping my fingers crossed it doesn’t show up on the others

Bug rot aka. Bud rot eadt coast is bad for caterpillars. Have to make sure ur prepared preflower with soilder bugs for next time. I would sacrifice cut back till u dont see it @Grower82

I done the same with mine it took out some beautiful buds. Peroxide and water would be your best bet along with taking shade leaves and air movement. Good looking girls. Good luck.

I would suggest as you found a worm eating his way through is to get some Captain Jacks and spray the hell out of them. Those nasty worms are a cause of rot. You are in a hot dry climate my bet is on the worms.

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