Is this bud rot? Australia

Can someone please help identify the problem with my plants?
Thinking bud rot not that ive seen it before but from everything I have read im thinking that is the problem :frowning: i did have borer attack them which killed some parts off tho …plant that went to bud early has been harvested so its not in the photos but i suspect it had bud rot.
internet is playing up ill add more photos asap

Looks like bud rot to me

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Indoor or outdoor grow ?

:angry::frowning::disappointed_relieved: thought so im just going to curl up in a ball and cry fml

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Outdoors mate

Sorry man . I got hit with mold my last round too. Took out my best colas.

Its heartbreaking this is my first time on the coast growing ( im from western NSW very dry) so not use to this climate or weather

Ugh…:man_facepalming::man_facepalming: yeah, sure does… hate to see it but you may be able to still be able to make a good concentrate from it at least.

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Yeah outdoors is rough contending with bugs and weather . I grow indoors and still got whacked

Ive only done outdoors, indoors always seemed like alot of work but im contemplating doing both

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Cut it out of the buds.

Also you might consider washing your harvest.

I do 20% peroxide/ 80% reverse osmosis water bath, hang dry, run a fan directly on the buds for a few hours, then dry as normal.

Don’t just consider, do a bud wash after you have cut out the infected areas. Looks like you can still salvage a good amount so it’s worth it. There’s a YouTube video on it. Just look up “bud wash” and it will pop up