Is this bud ready

Hi guys. I have this is bubble runtz that unfortunately I had to take down at 7 1/2 week. Only had 3 days flush. But good 20l flushes.
I want to know how far off ready this was. I am new to this just grown a few. Looks quite good to me and maybe is weeks off. I have i dont know. I have what do you think

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Looks fairly mature, is there a reason you had to take down at 7 1/2 weeks?

I would need a trichomes pic, eyeballing isn’t accurate. I’m starting week 12 for Fuel D.OG and SSH. Chopping the OG next week and the haze in 4 weeks


@Bulldognuts yeah I’ve got a run going in the tent and that was the last plant in the cellar which was my grow room, and then became my veg area. The trikes looked fairly cloudy and is only an oz dry maybe and under a 600w hps. There are other reasons but it’s down now anyway and that area is now closed.
Got a king tuts, a critical mass and cheese vegging under a scrog net… First time I’ve done that.

@KoolHandLuke ill try get you a trike pic


And a lovely girl you have there

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Outta :heart: but killin it brother

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They’re ready when whoever is growing it chops regardless of “ripeness”. That’s how it works

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