Is this bud ready. Or how long

It’s a white widow auto. It’s my first crop so wondered just how far off this test bud is? Also this plant hasn’t got more thann3 finger leaves anywhere. I’ve searched

I’m no expert. Looks early. Folks here will ask for close up of trichomes that’s your indicator


Looks like there is no color on that test bud. A ways to go I would say. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

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I agree…a ways off!!!

At a tough guide 2weeks or more like 6

Looks like it is foxtailing to me.

How many weeks has it been in flower? If it’s been more then 9 weeks you are probably good to chop, the foxtailing will just continue and will never appear done.

It is kind of a boring looking green bud though, probably not candidate for bud of the month.

Not ready at all that was mainly leaves buds where barely developing , 4-6 weeks, might give weird high or even headaches… just know if you you feel a weird effect it might be the plant

Yo are they still doin that bud of the month It was on a while back but haven’t seen it since forever

@Randy_Marsh I seen it a short time ago.

The strange thing is this white widow has dark green leaves and all are 3’finger. Not one 3+ lobe

What nutes soil and kind of water do u use. Do u ph good. Adding some additives will fatten up buds and make them more tasty also. Aldo how long has it been since she popped from soil or how long since u seen the pistil pop out on her. If 9 weeks or so id say she is close. My w.w looks way diff from urs. That looks awful leefy right now as maybe it didnt hit the final fatten up stage maybe

It’s said to be 10 week. It’s not ready. It’s the 3 finger thing that’s baffled me. really dark green. No others like that. I have 10 strains. Critical is similar but 5 fingers.
I grow in Coco using canna with a bud booster. First time and getting giddy. I’ve some a week past due date with weeks left. They are autos

pH to about 6.