Is this beginning of bud rot?

I see no evidence of bud rot. What, specifically, are you concerned with?

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The brown stigma’s

Are you foliar feeding? What is all the white stuff on the leaves. If you are spraying / misting the plant I’d strongly recommend stopping.
I don’t see anything that indicates bud rot. Actually I don’t think it is mature / dense enough to have bud rot.

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Your plant is doing fine.

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I had wpm so I sprayed them. Maybe too much lol

Thanks for the info.

What did you spray them with…just curious. In veg, I’ve used a shotglass of ammonia to a liter spray bottle (it breaks down into nitrogen and will give your plants a boost), also used 50/50 h2o2/h2o, and milk/water at 30/70 ratio when in flower, right up to harvest. I’ve never used Neem (never will either).
Remember, always spray at lights out! And if you’ve had WPM, I’d really recommend a bud wash at harvest.


I used baking soda. Didn’t know I had to wait till lights out. Lesson learned. Lol thanks!

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When you harvest it’d be a good idea to do a thorough bud wash.


Do you use regular household ammonia?

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yep, nothing fancy. I’ve given them a blast when they’ve looked a little pale before. Nothing a blast of Nitrogen won’t green up!
Of all 3 tho, I find the milk solution works best. And it doesn’t stink.