Is this bad? Close to harvest

Just noticed these and unsure what they are. Hopefully its not what came to mind when i saw them but all the pics of hermmies i looked at i cant tell. Any help greatly appreciated!


All that I see are female calyx at various stages of maturity. No male parts so far as I can see. :man_mage:

A couple of them look a little bit like they have been pollinated. If you open it up you might see an immature seed. This may not be the case so don’t worry too much. The worst case would be a few seeds in the final product.


So i finally found some info that made me feel alot better as well as your comment. But at the end you said it looked pollenated and possibly if i opened one up find a immature seed. Well i did open and there were what seemed like an immature seed. My plant that has these is my Grandaddy purple auto flower. There were no other plants anywhere near it until i started my grandmommy purple fems which the seedlings for the grandmommy started day 1 of the granddaddy purps flower stage. All the Gmommy purp fem are well into veg and all are female. So how would my auto have gotten pollinated. Its my first grow so any information is greatly appreciated.

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Pollen can travel a good distance on windy days. I’ve had my GG4 auto and Gelato auto give me one seed each last grow :person_shrugging: LoL life will find a way to live


I got GDP autos. Same thing on mine. But its just female parts. You may be a lil worked up. Got pics of this immature seed please? But id say 90% your alright w/o seeing pics. Just wanna help ya have 100% easy of mind for ya. Youll find tons of help here