Is this auto or?

And to be clear, once they are this size, there is no need for the dome, but seedlings LOVE the dome. In the above pic, I have the Sprouter on a small wire shelf, and the light is suspended from the shelf above it, and a height that just barely allows me to get the dome under there, so my light never actually sits on the dome anymore. And as you can see, I find tuna cans a good size to raise up shorter plants nearer the light. For the T5 to provide the proper amount to light, it needs to be approximately 3" above the top of the seedlings, or they may stretch too much. Here was a seedling included (with 3 tuna cans) :rofl: :


Those lights are freaking sold out I’m using a hang clip on light with watts at 60 , 2 of them .

I’ll post a picture when I get home . Hubby is there now or maybe he can send a photo .

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If you mean CFL 60 watt bulbs, that should be fine.

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Yes , thanks .

Now the part I’m stuck at is the covering of the pts cause I don’t have the cool kit you have lol , can I use clear plastic cups instead or zip lock bags ? I’m. Assuming this part if for humidity .

And should I have air flowing and should I keep lights on until i see the girls reaching .

Yes, you can use either. You can also cut the top off a soda or water jug. That’s a water jug you see in the last picture I posted. Just spritz the inside of whatever you use, and be careful to not overwater the plants. They will get most of their water through the leaves and the humidity in the dome. I give my seedlings “drops” of water, or depending on the size of the pot, just a small ring of water, about 2-3" from the stem. They don’t need much at this point. That will change. :slight_smile:


Oh, no need for airflow at this point. But once they get a little taller, a slight breeze will help strengthen the stems. For lights and a cfl, this is from the grow guides on ILGM:

How much light

If you’re germinating your seeds indoors it’s best to place your seedling in containers under fluorescent lights , since the lights do not use too much power and don’t emit much heat, allowing you to place them quite near the plants (2 to 4 inches).

Make sure to have the cfl on at intervals of 18 hours on, 6 hours off. If you’re using HPS grow light place them as close to the seedlings as possible but don’t let temperature exceed 77.

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So 18/6 while their in the soil growing ?
No leaves as of yet just the after math of the seeds maturing , if you will.

Sorry , very new to this all . Here’s a photo .

Yes, 18/6, and your setup looks great.


Okay I definitely messed up day one :smirk_cat::joy_cat:but thanks to you I’ll be on the right track ! @Newt 42Obrother :fist:t5: Thank you !



Just was wondering when I should remove the plastic cups .

4/9 so far are starting to reach for the light (breaking through soil) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fist:t5:🪴

Thanks for the reply !

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No. I leave mine under domes until I have about 3 nodes. Here’s where I brought my last out from under the dome:

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Okay definitely about to go to dollar tree and grab some bottles lol . Cut em up and clean up and store em for when they get a little leafy or two lol .


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When do you normally transfer from smaller lot to gallon pots ?

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I’ll go to 5 gallon bags from here. And usually after they get topped for the first time. (After 6 nodes)

Edit: After they have recovered from the topping


Thanks . Will keep you posted .

Thanks for all the info so far .

Universe man :fist:t5::100:

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There’s no right answer 4 when to transplant it. You just want to avoid any shock when doing it. Autos I would start in the final pot. Photos I transfer after 4 weeks. Regular seeds I try to transfer after sex been shown