Is this auto done?

I started 3 plants on 5/20, this one looks to be the most mature and close to harvest, opinions on if it’s ready or needs longer? The calendar would say longer, but looking at photos out there i’m confused. Close up from one of the sour diesel auto’s from ilgm:


If you can get a jewelry loupe that goes down to 60x and check the trichomes


just off the pic, I would say no, still a lot of white hairs…


Yeah I’m with @Ron330 You still have a few weeks to go.

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You’ll need to wait until those white pistils brown and recede and then begin looking at a closeup with a postable microscope or a jeweler’s loupe. It generally takes a week or 2 after the pistils recede to begin showing cloudy trichomes.

Here’s the close up I prefer to see when deciding.


Here are guidelines for trich maturity.


I found this video to be not only informative, but also comforting.

It’s a great channel.


Thanks everyone, included a few more pics, leaves are getting yellow and lower ones have been dropping off almost and i’ve been snipping them off as they’ve been drying up. Been trying to leave the large fan leaves alone as much as possible, but i did stunt these a bit as i transplanted from a solo cup late. Planted in FFOF (i know) and used minimal ferts after, but did use tiger bloom on 2 occasions at half strength. Have been doing just water and some calmag when using distilled h20 instead of well water (very clean water from snow runoff from the rocky mountains)

. Trying to keep ph of water at 6.5ish, but i must admit i haven’t been precise.

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The seed bank says 8 weeks. While autos do read different, you still have to add the seedling cycle. You’ll notice it says harvest in as little as 10 weeks. Hope that information helps.

So maybe i’m not counting the time correctly then. I count from the day i see any sign of life, which is probably wrong. If seedling’s take 2 weeks, if harvest says 10 weeks it would be 12 if i’m understanding what your saying. Am i following correctly?

That’s the way I understood it. You also can’t expect to always get breeders results. Too many factors and phenotraits.

Bought one and trichomes are not milky colored yet, still look glassy to me, but that’s also with alot of light. Should i be concerned about the leaves yellowing and dropping off so much? Seems like they’re getting yellower every couple days. Last time i watered i measured ph at 7.something and adjusted to 6.4 (based on my cheap ass vivosun pen). Liquid wide range test tells me somewhere in the 6-6.5 range. Just using tap water from a well as mentioned before. Normal levels of calcium in the water (for tap water around here anyway)

Its normal for the lower yellowing means harvest is approaching i let the yellows leaves fall then i pick them up I let the plant use every bit she has.

Don’t monitor trics with grow light on. Just room light/sunlight or the light on your loupe/scope. Grow lights are 1000x stronger than avg room light. You shouldn’t even be working under your grow light without eye protection, technically.

Thanks, i got some proper glasses now :slight_smile: And i’ve always avoided looking straight at them, but it seems that’s not good enough. I took a few more pics, and have looked at with a loupe, and trichomes are all white, with maybe a tinge of amber on a few, but i can’t really tell for sure if it’s the lights or what. I’m going on day 70, on the closer side of ten weeks now so getting antsy about the harvest window. Lots of leaves turning yellow and dropping off heavy now.

If you’re going for a working buzz she’s done. If you want that heavy couchlock she needs time.


Was just going for something in between in case i screw up. I’ll keep a close eye on her and make a decision before the end of the day tomorrow i guess. Definitley don’t want straight up couchlock in particular though. Thanks for the quick reply man! It smells nice and stinky. Accidently let the room get kinda warm today and really was a great smell (85F). Normally aim for mid 70’s. So far pretty excited as is my first seed ever planted, and have two more that look pretty similar.

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Best I can tell you is what a true legend says around here. I can’t quite quote because I don’t remember word for word. But “I don’t even begin to monitor trics until 90% of pistils have darkened” - @Hellraiser . And now he’s tagged, can explain better on harvest timing than I.

I take my sativas looking about like yours. Heavily dominant sativa’s hairs don’t get as dark before drying either. Why looking at trics is important.

And no worries on the quick reply. Just got finished trimming. Was updating journal. Tried to get the browser and everything to let the site give me notifications. I must’ve turned it off somewhere deeper. Androids… gotta avoid clicking the build/serial no. 7 times and forgetting what ya changed. Lol.

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Yeah I don’t even look at trichs until the buds kinda look done, most of pistils have turned color and the buds are covered with swollen calyxes.

If you don’t want couch lock then at least wait for most trichs to be cloudy, don’t want to see many clear ones, clear trichs is a weak buzz.

This is what I mean by a bud looking done:


I just started to notice a little purplish (or maybe brown, but i hope not) color on the sugar leaves like this. Will post some new pics, but hope i’m close now. Interestingly 2 of the 3 seem way behind the one i’ve mostly been posting pics of. Next go around i need to do a proper journal, but have been taking notes along the way. 3 SF 1000’s, used limited fox farms supplements (only used tiger bloom 2x for example), didn’t follow the full regiment as was afraid to burn the plants. Used grow big once only pre-flowering, used big bloom about 3 or 4 times, never 2 times in a row, cal mag plus intermittently with mostly tap water (ph’d to 6.0 - 6.5 using wide spectrum test), but used alot of distilled water in the beginning not knowing better. Really hoping i get a usable amount out of this grow.

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