Is this as abnormal as it seems

This little sprout :seedling: came up with only colotial leaves and is now 10 days above ground

Still no leaves, just tiny little stalks where leaves should be

Is it weird as it seems to me? Seems like every other seedlings I’ve seen have some kind of leaves within a day or 3


1st thing has to be asked, what soil is that? May be just a slow grower?


Ffof I know it’s a bit hot but seems like I’d see some kind of leafs

Light source is hlg300L rspec

Definitely a slow growing bugger but the total lack of anything leaf like is what’s weirding me out


Wow that FFOF is pretty hot for a seedling in most cases I’ve heard of. When I used it I only transplanted into it from a more benign potting soil. I’m sure some get away with it but I’ve just read too much about being too hot for the seedling.

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Yeah my ww auto did ok in it but this one is definitely having an issue with something

I’ve been thinking genetic but your idea does make me wonder

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hahahahahaha fox farms a hot soil. lmao. i chuckle at hot soil.



When using FFOF for seedlings, start in a Dixie cup and flush the soil before planting to remove the “hot” part of the soil.

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I still have no clue how you make them survive in MG. For mortals, OF is pretty hot.

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i usually start my soil off with a full 2gal watering a day prior to planting. then its the little waterings till they call for more.

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@FullyMedicated could probably do the solo cup challenge in a cup full of pure jacks 321

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I just pulled a week old sprout today that was similar but not quite as developed as the OP’s.

What I found was that the root went down about a 1/2”, hit one of those wood chips in my Happy Frog soil and instead of going around the chip it turned upwards towards the surface. It looked like it finally figured out which way it was supposed to grow and eventually formed a circle……

I messed up on my soil cleaning as I tried to keep those chips out of the area where the seed would be doing it’s thing.

I’m not saying that’s what going on with the OP’s sprout. Seeing those wood chips on their soil brought back what I had seen earlier today……

Could definitely be that

Plant just doesn’t seem right.

Any recovery?

She is on her way to recovery. Leaves are finally forming but the look squirrelly. Might have another mutant
I know it lol like a lot of moisture but I literally just misted her soil