Is this anything like fungus or mold?

are these white spots something i should be concerned about?
it’s been pretty humid outside around 90% these past few days.
these ladies have been transplanted and outdoors for about a week now with no issue.
they’re about 3 weeks since sprout.


I would flip the leaves and check under them with an eye loop for mites. It may be nothing. But that is how my spider mites started of. They are super tiny but cause a lot of trouble if un checked


Like :point_up_2: said I would check the underside of those leaves


Just a thought too if u dont find any critterz. Maybe the leaf under brushing against the under side. I have a few that started looking like this after the fan started making the leaves move around as the fan swipes past that area. Id still look super hard for bugs. Even if u have to kill all fans and watch ull see flyers if tgey r there just blow with ur mouth past leaves and they will fly up u wont see much if they r not bad and fans on.


Spider mites will not fly. Fungus gnats can. I never see the winged gnats. Always the white crawlies if I get any… You will see shiny spots on your leaves from them also, and little black piles of poop :woozy_face:

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i looked w the loop and didn’t see anything under there.
checked the other plants and leaves and haven’t seen anything.
it has been very windy outdoors the past week so they may have a harder time latching on.

however i have been noticing some small bits of webbing in between some plant leaves. its usually very thin and can get blown away by the wind.
could that be a solid indication of spider mites?

i was going to make some light insecticidal soap w castile to spray on for some armor.

as you can see the white spots are seen on the bottom side of the leaves.

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I don’t think you would see any webbing till flower. But could be wrong. @Myfriendis410 @Big123 @Hellraiser

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If you grow outdoors, you are going to have pests. Best to get a pest prevention/eradication program going. I use neem oil in veg and capt jacks deadbug in flowering, spraying at sundown.