Is this any good?


Hey everyone. I love your site. I’ve been hopping around on all of these kinds of pages and this one has the friendliest people for sure. I cant stand the ugliness and plant bashing that only helps to give our medicine a bad name. Anyway, i was given blue magoo and pennywise feminized seeds as a gift recently. I ran to get all the basic fox farms nutes and tons of ocean forest. They have been growing for a bit over a month in 2.4 gallon, hard plastic containers. I bought a really cheap 150$ 400 watt hps bc I’ve heard u can run that in both phases in a pinch? Plus, it’s my first time so I didn’t want go make a big investment and fail miserably.

I know that the 2.4 gal pots are small and the space and nutes in the soil won’t last much longer. I’m worried I’ll wreck them trying to transplant them into bigger pots? Any good advice on how to get these things out of those hard plastic tubs? Do the plants look like they need the extra fox farm grow big nutes now, at half strength? Thank you all for reading and please take it easy on me lol. I hope I uploaded those pics right… oh and I hope I posted in the right place. Very sorry if not.


Plants look healthy, the bigger one could use a half strength feed. I’d definitely transplant to five gallon smart pots asap. Enjoy! :grinning:


Thank you!


Plants look good. Needs bigger pots. The light should be okay for 2 or 3 plants. 400watts is good for 8sq ft of grow area or 2’ x 4’


Thanks. Do they look stretched out from the hps? Can I move the light closer? It’s about 2 1/2 feet away from the tops. Everyone else’s plants look so short n stocky ha.


They look fine to me. At that stage, 400watts is overkill. I use 250 watts of CFLs about 18" above them when mine are that size. I don’t know much about HPS, but I’ve learned from being on this forum that it can be further away from the plants.


Yes i agree :point_up:️ with @3high5you


You guys are awesome. Thank you all so much for the quick feedback.


How to get them out of the plastic pots is best if the soil is moist not wet but moist about a full day after watering take the plastic pot and roll it until the soil has a small gap around the edead put the stalk of plant inbetween your first finger and thumb and turn upside down and it should come right out. Now in the new pot fill the bottom until you can put the transplanted plant into it and it will be at the top of new pot and use new soil to fill in the gap between the sides it’s pretty easy


@Sirsmokes gave you great advice. They are tough plants and they will like the new home.


I agree with sir smokes. I just wait a couple days after watering. Helps if the soil is a little dry. And just flip upside down making sure to hold the plant as described. Most of the soil will stay together. Make sure your new pot is ready. And should be quick and easy. I don’t break up the soil or anything. Just put it in and water after. Should be good. Good luck!


Nice start @C2017 You will be fine transplanting if you follow the suggestions given. Nice strains too. I like that blue magoo good medicine! Cannabis has to be the toughest most resilient plant! Had a burlap sack blow out and one of my plants actually fell out
I was sure at least one of them would be dead but still alive and kickin!!
So you should be just fine show the girls a lil love and they will give it right back!