Is this an issue in flower

I’m currently on day 50 of flower according the the website I got my seeds from it said flowering time (70days) this is amnesia #7 grown in coco and I’ve used flora flex nutes the whole way. All plants have pretty much grown at the same speed and what not. Haven’t had very many issues. But I am noticing my middle plant is turning yellow pretty quick right now and it also still has some white hairs on it. Should I be worried this plant is turning yellow before the other 2? I haven’t started my flush yet, I plan on feeding one last time with Full Tilt (late flower additive) and was going to start straight water afterwards. All the trichomes on all the plants are slowly more and more cloudy (still clears a little)

Probably not, but if you have some cal mag, or epsom salt, it give it some. Probably all of them.

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Yea I was feeding calmag all the time didn’t have much issues I haven’t fed any of them calmag the past 2 waterings because I’m almost done and this full tilt says not to use cal mag because it’s got it in it I guess

each plant has it’s own biological time table. it starts ticking once the seed hatches. some will go longer than others. some mature faster. kind of have to match speeds with the plant is telling you. If you harvest in next two weeks…best start flushing.

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Looks like late stage magnesium deficiency. The last amnesia I grew was a big magnesium hog. Looks like it’s starting in the one next to it too.

I honestly can agree with that I had slight mag deficiencies in veg too always wanted more and more lol. This is my first photo plant I’ve grown expected bigger and bigger buds then autos I have done. I got some more learning to do I guess. These definitely have an awesome smell and frosty