Is this an autoflower?

Hi All,
First time Grower
Bit of a situation here. While waiting for my seeds (did not get first shipment) I sprouted a couple of different bag seeds in small container. Roots got entangled so I just planted both together in a 5 gal pot. It has been about 30 days and one of the plants looks like it is budding (See pictures) and was wondering if this might be an autoflower. Light schedule is 24 hrs. The other plant looks different, so I am assuming this is regular seed. Question is, do I let them both grow and keep the one in veg as the autoflower completes its cycle and then put the other one to flowering. In the meantime should I try and clone the one and find out the sex?
Any help would be welcome,
Thank you.
The first 1 is the unknown
and next 3 are what I think is an auto


Nice… :sunglasses: what are they about 2nd week of flowering?

Ya look like ya got a bit of a PH problem with the wiltering leaves.?? And the twisting and curling under. I had the same problem. :sunglasses:

Sounds like an autoflower. Not a bad idea to clone and sex the big one…