Is this an autoflower plant?

This plant it’s about to turn 3 months she’s on a 18/6 cycle its a bag seed from some kush I was smoking , she’s different from the other strain I’m growing now she starting to show some white hair from the middle of her leaves I topped her when she was about 4 nodes

It could be, it’s nearly impossible to know without knowing the seed’s heritage.

If it’s a autoflower should I still keep her on veg on a 18/6 cycle or should I switch her to flower 12/12 cycle?

If it truly is an auto, it should fully flower just fine under 18/6.

2 Weeks now I need to add nutrients but we’re I live in Caribbean it’s hard to get good fertilizer any homemade tips that would help on her flowering stage

Your Leaf look like some Spider Eat under the Leaves
Any help ?

That was nut burn a little while back