Is this air pump powerful enough or do I need one step up?

I do believe in medical benefits of cannabis and love growing and enjoy the conversations and helpful advise shared in this forum our atmosphere is quite relaxed and fun. the odd heated argument but typically the plants come first :wink: what strains are you currently growing and what system DWC most likely lol but some of us are all about the science like any other forum we have hydro guys and soil SCROG and SOG trainers and naturalists.
I personally am a hybrid grower I keep mothers in soil grow SOG so I try pretty much everything training pruning but am trying a new system SOG small single Kola plants in DWC debated going NFT and have another 6-8 weeks to make my choice both have pros and cons. We learn lots from others experiences.

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my doctor just prescribed pills for my condition.
I had mentioned marijuana as a treatment…and he called me an addict then handed me three prescriptions for drugs of HIS choice.

My next office visit will be with a new doctor.

I don’t need a medical card to buy stuff, I prefer growing my own as a hobby and a medicine but I want an open minded medical opinion…not one bought by gifts from pharmaceutical companies to doctors.

by the way, welcome to ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA!

@RedFrog, Wecome to the ILGM . and yes the policy is Not to post non supported sponsors . but you my contact the support office as to becoming one …i would look forward to seeing more sponsors .on the site . Next ,as so the threads don’t become clogged up , we usually recommend taking this to the green room ,Members lounge .so that Many ,Many will get a chance to see your post and get to know you.:slight_smile: looking forward to seeing you there . and sorry to hear about you probs . Best wishes all around .
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