Is this air pump powerful enough or do I need one step up?

I need to bubble four 12" or 16" inch air stones in a tent and an equal distance away (5’) I need to bubble 2 stones inside 5gallon DWC buckets. I’m curious if this unit has enough output

Edit: it just dawned on me that at some point I’m going to need to expand to at least 4 DWC bubblers and possibly 8 12" air-stones.

I’m starting to think I maybe just answered my own question… Any recommendations?

I have a 971 gph and dual diahram GH 320 gph the dual Diaphram unit works fine for 1 4" disc and 2 12" bars even run a second 4" on it at times but the difference is night and day between my 971 and smaller unit water boils
The next most powerful comparatively priced model shown above has not so great ratings (very loud and runs hot).

I think rather than trying to squeeze everything out of one unit I might try the one in the op link and when I double everything, I’ll get a 2nd pump


That to funny I just bought one. Im do a journal on water, air and soil. Here is the pump.
I can also control the amount of air flow through each outlet.

EcoPlus 728455 3 to 35W Single Outlet Commercial Air Pump, 1030 GPH
As you can see I have one line going into a 2 1/2 gal jug with three different size’s of river rock covered with soil then added 1 1/2 gal’s of water. But before I added all that I split the hose going into the jug with an air tee placing two air filters at the bottom of my jug useing one of 6 lines. I can run 12 jugs just like this one only with one filter instead otf the two.
Here is a pick of the hole setup.

Im not quite clear on what your up to but if you got some pic’s there worth a thousand. Words


expect to pay $45-$65 and a bit more from what I have read…$30 air pumps will bubble a few stones a little, and you may not be satisfied till you can make the water boil with bubbles.

I saw one I think on Amazon, I’ll post a link when I see it again, was $30

It said commercial? Pumped 750 (somethings) per hour…


how’s the AIT experiment going anyway? I am going to be trying air cloning for shits and giggles since a mite invasion has turned my veg room into a war zone culled about 10 plants and defoliated everything else so couple weeks behind now. So I figured since I need to clone figured good time to convert all my plants to hydro.

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Wrll Donald, I can really say at this point. As I just got started this morning.
But as for cost go’s.

The jug with as $12.95

The river rock was $15.00

The air pump w/hose was. $$35.00

The soil… mad myself using different things maybe

So for under a hundred bucks but that pump I can push 12 of thoughs.
River rosk you can get at your nearest river.
So next add on will be cheaper.

But I’ll know by the end of this week how its all working.


I’m kind of thinking rather than buying one huge pump thats super noisy I’ll just use two smaller ones, probably adjustables


I had missed this post…is this the pump you decided on?
A month later, it is the one I did get…but in my case it only has two buckets to aerate.

I’ve been wondering about this…any input?

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I debated ordering some of those but since my new rig is 15" 30" on the bottom I decided on going with 2 12" stones if I had stayed with 5 gal buckets would’ve been all over those. My plan is to run 6 12" stones off my 951 g/h pump so 3 12-13 gal res and a forth res and cloner off my dual diaphram pump will order second pump and run 8 res total on 2 week split rotation.
Meaning every 2 weeks add 1 more res to flower room, each rig holds 2 plants is 12-14" deep filled holds 12 gal nutrient solution I can fit 6 in my veg tent though comfortably would be better with 4 cost about $17 each to make including stones without pump. So money saved on them goes towards pump upgrade and will be running 2 600w HPS in flower room to match footprint of 4 units in flower at a time

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Okay…I’m in for 2, ebay had them for a few dollars less…and the quest for better stuff continues.

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Between my extraction and fans a little noise from pumps factors quite low on my scale of priority what matters most to me is it’s pressure and gph/lpm will be going to a commercial pond pump over the summer because lets be honest in DWC more bubbles equals less troubles and happier roots :wink:

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my pump in action…louder and warmer than the Tetra 150…not too loud for a cellar, but if it is warm, the air it pumps is warm…I used supplemental heat when lites were off, discontinuing that…

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DonaldJ, Thanks for giving our product some thought! Just wanted to note, should you ever have a need, they come in multiple sizing, 3 1/2", 5", 6", 9 1/2", 16" , grids and of course we cater to our customers special needs with custom sizing. Thanks again!
Red Frog

I assume you have read the rules and guidelines as you are soliciting a product you sell I can guess you are on the supporters list?

We are contributors/ supporters of several similar forum sites. Just found this particular site, with thanks to a great customer, and are absolutely excited about becoming a contributor to this forum as well. So I suppose the short answer is yes studied up on the site today and have turned the info over to accounting to submit the company and payment info to the sites officials.
From a personal perspective was just very impressed and motivated by the level of knowledge, passion and good nature of the members.

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We are a diverse crowd that’s come together with one common goal and passion for growing, and to share our love of the science and artistry involved as well as experience gained in a positive and supportive environment. We do on occasion discuss products or items which improve our yields but rarely with a direct profit motivation, I guess my question would be are you a grower or a person looking to profit from a new network of individuals?? like myself and our members?

To be honest main interest is growing. We are growers.
In the interest of honest claim and clear first impressions…
I have been sick since childhood…say suffer from several severe auto immune diseases in which my body literally attacks itself, Prone to tumors and the lovely side additions that come with the whole mess. I’m strong and like anyone else learn to deal w/ cards dealt, i.e. my norm since childhood so no big to me, like another deals with their own cards dealt.
But I have always been stuck with pills, treatments and infusions…this part I hate and believe makes me feel more ill.
K, back story survived so the more pertinent info makes sense;
After visiting one of my specialist and complaining about him trying to kill me with prescriptions; He very quickly and efficiently pulled out his med pad and said no problem have this filled and replace it with your old prescription. We picked it up googled it and I was horrified, my side effects would surely be even worse and, hate to be repetitive, but another prescription to do me in. I cried and my husband said f this.
With North of 20 years in plant and soil industry, he went to work. We began traveling to view and test best and most natural nutrients and minerals he could find, cleanest cbd strains…so on.
This began both our, now thriving, company and my new prescription…prescribed by US!
Bout every other year I credit my wonderful surgeons; But it is my husband I thank for saving my life and sanity.
So yes, I was drawn to your group as growers. I do not read through most; but I was comfortable in the environment as it offers real intelligence and knowledge with a great amount of passion.
By the way, I’m Jenn. Thanks for taking the time to write, it was appreciated for sure.