Is this a WW Male?

White Widow Autoflower
seedbank: ILGM
I planted one and the seed shell kind of strangled it, so I added another seed from same seed batch. The one that was kind of strangled, took off (the stem is a culy Q) and it is starting to bloom. The other one that started off fine turned really dark and -what I thought were blooms do no look right. Is this a male?

They are probably fighting over nutrients, since they are in the same pot. I cant tell from your pictures if its a male or not. Maybe some clearer photos of the suspect plant?

My guess from these pics is that yes, its male.

It didn’t occur to me until I brought them inside. They have been outside in my garden but we had frost last night. Thank you. I guess I need to cut ‘him’ out… Do you think the gal in the same pot will be okay? Is there any harm in leaving her with the other girls?

Not convinced it is a male.
Trichs all over it.


If its a male, it will pollinate the other one and cause her to grow seeds. If he hasnt bursted his pollen sacs yet, you will be fine to carefully cut him out so you dont accidentally pop any sacs.

I dont want you to cut that plant on my accord though, the pictured were not enough to clearly answer that question of being male or not. It does seem to be male from what i can see

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How old are they?

Can you get a really clear pic close up?
You will need good strong light to get a better pic.

No males there.


I’ll try to get a better picture.

Pistil , def a female


Thanks! I appreciate all the replies!

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