Is this a strange banana?

Ive had bananas in the past with this strain, but they never looked like this. At the time i was still learning the basics and I had bad nute deficincies. This plant had a very slight deficiency very early in flower, but the spots stopped getting worse within a couple days of adding lime. It’s one of the healthiest I’ve flowered so far /knocks on wood.

The strain is Jack Herer x power kush. It is on day 33 of flower. I noticed this little round part with no trichomes on the top of a bud with no stigma. I then noticed another on a lower bud of the same branch. there is also what looks like an open calyx. I dont see a banana in it, but it looks suspicious to me. The last pic is the overall plant. It is about 2 feet tall in a 3 gallon fabric pot grown in ocean forest, pearlite and hydroton.


If it was my girl I would pluck them out with tweezers… Never seen that before… Looks pretty strange…:fearful:
Beautiful plant by the way…

I would have to let it grow, unless someone could tell me All about it


@Hammer check this out ever seen anything like it

Looks almost like a seed

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@Hogmaster. He needs to take it in natural lighting for me to tell .
Hammer .

I’m pretty sure they’re not a male expression or a banana, These are white and yellow and on the very top of the bud right? And they look, as you say like an open calyx, I’ve had them before I’m not sure what they are but I think it means the buds gone a little too long

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Thanks for all of the imput. the balls are green, not yellow/whitish like bananas Ive seen. Ill try for better lighting when lights come back on. If they are just a couple seeds, then ill let it go and save the seeds. its now on day 34, so it hasnt gone too long.

Kinda looked green but I couldn’t tell but I’ve had these weird white and yellow flowers (mostly white) grow right out of the top of every bud on the super cheese plants and never seen it before or since but it wasn’t hermied or anything I thought I’d maybe I left it go a little long, I think that’s what you got going on, I think white or yellow flowers might come out of it

have you checked you whole plant ?
I would if I were you.


hooefully these pics are better. its not easy holding your tablet, phone and loop all in one hand.

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And there right at the very top of the bud, right?

I’ve found 3 now total. they are all on the top of each bud. i found this one on the top outside of the canopy, one on top of a lower bud on that limb and one more on a lower bud on another limb.

Okay I’m pretty sure it’s what I was describing I don’t think it’s anything to worry about I got some on my cheese recently I think it was because I let them go too long but I had no seeds or no hermie so I wouldn’t be too worried just keep an eye out should be ok for you

I’ll definitely keep an eye on them. The glossiness reminds me of the deformed leaves that happen if you reveg a plant, but if i remember right, that growth would still grow trichomes till it would really get vegging again. I’ll post more pics if they turn into anything. this was grown from a clone, btw.

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those apper to be Seed pods ripening .

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They did turn out to be seeds. I haven’t found many so far, but they are all deformed looking, so far. Smoke is still good, though. Oh yeah, the strain turned out to be Pure Indica…I got my clones mixed up…lol

I didn’t see any bananas, but they are so small they can easily be missed. My Hemlock, in left foreground of my last picture, had a handful of large, pale seeds.