Is this a start of a problem?

Is the yellowing of the baby leafs normal or is this a deficiency from lack of magnesium, nitrogen or whatever in the soil?

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I have crushed egg shells in the soil, peeled banana, it is indeed miracle grow (I’ve heard this isn’t a sufficient soil) thanks for the reply. Also, is putting tinfoil near the soil a good idea to reflect more light?

The yellowing of the feeder leaves is normal. The miracle grow soil is bad, you should get some better soil soon and transplant soon or you can run in s lot of problems later on because of the time release nutrients

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And plants only use light from the top of the leaves so any light hitting the bottom is a waste

If you are going to use miracle grow soil I wouldn’t give the plants anything but water for now . Don’t over water . Your plants are still very young and I don’t think they need a lot of nutrients yet . MG can cause you problems later . The first set of leaves will die and fall off as the plant get older . I hope this helps some .

Welcome to the forum @Knivie The plants looks healthy to me. Miracle grow is not a good soil to grow in due to the time release nutes. If your in a small pot you can transplant to a big pot with some good soil in it. A couple good flushes along the way and u should be fine. Next time you’ll know…
Good Luck with your grow

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