Is this a recirculating system?


@Astrocreep Thank You. I unplugged the air stone and will check PH tonight and then again in the morning to see if that will work. Then I will just run air into the root chamber but not into the water and see what happens. Does this sound like a good plan?


I have two plants in bloom right now. One is Chronic Widow and the other is Girl Scout Cookies. They have there own reservoirs of 7 gals each and get there nutes changed at the same time. The CW seems to keep a ph of 5.8 to 5.9 and I don’t have to touch it much at all. The GSC tends to rise everyday and I usually put some PH lower to bring it down to 5.7-5.8. I aim for 5.7 knowing it will rise in the next 12 hrs or so. In my veg. room i’m running my new EBB and flow system. I keep about 25 gals feeding 6 plants in a 55 gal. barrel. Four of those are GSC and two are Gold Leaf. The ph in the barrel rises but not as much as I might have to change it from 6.0 to 5.8 every few days.


It’s a HUGE pain in the ass for me. Mine drops from 6 to 4 in 24 hours sometimes and other buckets stay bang on 5.8… It’s beyond me my friend, I’ve used h2o2 but I don’t change the water often enough so that no doubt has something to do with it.


@ntmaremach @McLovin777 @Astrocreep Thanks for all the input on my PH question. After removing the airstone last night the PH was 6.0 this morning. So it didnt rise as much. Im experimenting with just running the air pump into the root chamber and not the water Will post results tonight. I guess Im not going on vacation with this system


Hmm… wouldn’t that mean the water has no oxygen in it and there for will give you root rot? my PH is doing my tits in to.


21L bucket, 6inch net pot, what pics do you want dude? brief explanation
10 x 21L grow buckets
1 x 21L head bucket - x 2 bottom holes for pipes x1 hole for drip feed in the top and submergible pump in the head
10 ait’s one in each grow bucket

HEAD 1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 pipres are likes this HEAD - - - - -
- - - - - they pipes don’t go in a full circle, just to two lines of buckets


In my 55 gal. barrel I keep two large air stones going and the other single reservoirs each have a smaller one.