Is this a recirculating system?


Here is what my recirculating bucket system looks like. The larger top tide is the return, the bottom is the in flow from reservoir. ALL the buckets and reservoir have bubbles like yours.


The reservoir is out side the grow room to keep the temp down. One pump pushes water out. Two larger passive tubes allow the water to return and not flood the buckets.


You can make it a recirculating system if you top feed the plants from a dripsystem that flows top to bottom. Place the pump in the bottom of the res and run line to all of the buckets. That will circulate the nutrients.


That’s what I have dude, top feeding and then the tubes take it back to the red I believe, just can’t seem to work the drip system! There is a submersible pump in the res that I don’t use at the moment dude to to being up on the recirculation. Any tips?


Top of res has the drip coming out (middle tube with stopper at the end) if I was to fill it to the brim I guess it would work but apparently makes you prone to root rot?


My bad. The original picture did not show the dripline. As long as it’s not saturating the trunk/stem (where the plant meets the grow medium. Some people use rings or actually put the tubing in a circle like on inch below the top layer of medium. Send me a pic of the end of the tubing where the water exits. Most of those systems that get root rot don’t have the air pump. The root rot is usually caused from the lack of oxygen. I don’t think you will have a problem with that giant air pump.


Something like this on the end of the line. Keeps the water flowing down to the roots and not on the plant base.


You can also buy some small plastic T’s and make your own loop and drains.



Ill take some pics of eveything I can in a few hours, theirs only a little submersible pump in the res, and the 10 way big pump is a little worrying (I bought 2 invade one died by the way) but could get it running with an extra air stone to go along with the ait per bucket)
The aits seem to producing far less bubbles than they use to, probably due to slime nutrient crap… considering cutting holes in them? Good plan?


I’ve got the water about an inch below net pot… couple people on here thoroughly advised it, yet before that I was in the thinking it should be about half an inch above the net pot. So when you dip your finger in an empty pot it comes to the first bend of your finger type thing…? Ahh I’m a noob, just doing what people say as they have so much more experience.


Hard to say cause the net pot displaces so much water in the bucket. I would need to know the size you are using and how deep.


@Astrocreep @McLovin777 Do you find that you need to adjust the PH of these systems on a daily basis? I am currently running a Aeroponics system and the PH rises every 12 hours. It never falls it always rises. I am running 2 gallons of RO water. Just wondering if this is normal for a hydro system. It rises 0.6 to 0.8 every 12 hours. My target PH is 5.8


@MAXHeadRoom the only info I can share is the few hydro journals I have followed have stressed the fact that especially in smaller setups when the plant feeds ,the resulting change in (my dumb backwoods words) the solution nutes,what have you will cause the ph to change.


@Nug-bug Thanks for the info. The nute solution is staying the same but the PH rises and I have to adjust every 12 hours. I just thought the PH would stay the same just like the nutes are. Im still learning


Shoot me as well brother me as well.
Also should point out that the nutes solution will start to change ph,without plant feeding also. If you take a solution and leave it for couples hours,or day the chemical react with each other changing ph


I was told it a combination of a few things that cause it to rise. As the nutrients are consumed by the plants the solutions makeup fluctuates this causes a rise or fall. The bubbles and the introduction of air in the solution will cause a rise in ph every time.

After my first week of running RDWC I bought an automatic ph adjustment system. Only adjusts up or down. Mine has been set to down for the entire time. They are pricey but definately worth it. Those fluctuations can lock out those expensive nutrients. 5.8 everytime I look.


Send me some picks so I can help you out bro


@Astrocreep here is my original post DIY True High Pressure Aeroponic System for $300 Im running an air stone in the bottom to oxygenate the water. I think that might be the problem. Can I run without the air stone?


Dam Max. That is some next stuff right there. I will be watching.