Is this a recirculating system?


Is this a recurcsting system…?


Yes RDWC system


Looks way more complicated than I originally thought. I’m glad now that I just got the individual buckets. Good luck with that brother. If you need anythin holler


Yeah and I just love my bucket of dirt


confusing initially but hey ho - I wish I went for single buckets now I can tell you… would make life a F tone easier. but these will give better results id imagine and are cheaper than 10 singles (I think)

Question - how the fudge do I fill this thing? thinking of getting a hose to the bathroom… whatcha think?


I have no idea. Your tent has to be huge to accommodate all those. Are they all 5 gallon? I would guess fill each bucket up individually then ph them, them fill the res up an ph it, but honestly I have no idea, that was just my educated guess. That’s a lot of water. I would get a bucket an start hauling water. Your back is gonna be screaming by the end I have a feeling. Mine is after I change just the 2 I have. Good luck brother. Maybe you tube will have a viedo of how to fill it


Oh yes and a nice one at that…


Yeah… think il be a little more silent… they are 4.2 gal so… with the head almost 50 gallons.
I’ll figure it out - cheers guys.


Thank you sir brian, cost 300 bucks, i reckon you could build one yourself for 200 - 240 but i went for the lazy option :slight_smile: cant wait to fill er up after lunch


Also wait til you see the aits!



Is that your one yosh?


Me and few guys has a similar system that we have not yet received the greenlight to put it to used yet.


It looks like a 700$ beast. Post some pics so i can see when its up pleasee


Most recirculation systems have two lines one pumps water in the other returns to the reservoir. This looks more like a Deep Water with a reservoir.


I think in the long run you’ll be happier with this setup instead of the single buckets. The single buckets are each stand-a-lone and you have to ph check each one each time. And the less water, the quicker things can go south. Once you get ALLLLLLL that water filled, you’ll just have to ph the reservoir and top it off. More water, less ph swings. Good luck with the grow! Post some pics once you get it populated!


Check out my journal if you like, been going a fair while now


If your system is recirculating I would highly recommend a automatic ph controller. It makes a huge difference. After each reservoir drain and fill you will see ph swings. Unless your home all day to adjust this can compromise your grow. Even if you are it can alert you of the swings with am alarm. They are pricey but I would argue they are wel woth it.


Problem is… the R of the RDWC isn’t doing it’s job. I have to ph once a day. Usually some stay in the range and one or two go to 4!!! Ect… sucks man. I’m going to clean then out and see what can be done. But for now it looks like there will be no recirculation. MASSIVE pain in the ass I can assure you… but it’s more satisfying as I genuinely put a shit tone of work in. Next time I set up it will be in a nice big room, panda plastics everywhere, tables, work bench, nute shelves ect. But for now I’ve just given up on recirculation.


Is there a pump in the reservoir? If you had an out going pump through that bottom feeding line it will over flow those tanks. You need the second pipe line to return the buckets water back to the reservoir. That would be the recirculation. Otherwise I believe that is simply a passive reservoir to make sure the water line stays uniform. ALL the buckets equalize by gravity