Is this a problem?

So I think I started my plants to far down into the pots? I figured they would grow up and i’d have to ad more soil. But so far I can’t add more soil because the bottom leaves are too close…What do I do? 3 weeks from sprout.

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The top of the plant is only just even with the top of the pot its about 5 inches tall (the plant). White widow auto

Once the plant exceed part the top of the pot you can simply back fill your pot and snip the very botoom leaves off, right now it would be good timing before she start stretching since it’s an auto, are you can just add the soil and let it grow, but it’s not a mistake the way you done it, it will be just fine.

That’s very cute little girl there,

That looks like a kush plant for sure!


you have no worries she will be just fine. you could do what @yoshi
had suggested


Oh I did and then I started my own grow journal . thx for the advice