Is this a Phosphorus deficiency?

I like that, I’m a heavy feeder those numbers are my early veg #'s all day long, maybe a 4ml on the pH down…see if that gets you above 5.7…I’d not hesitate where thats at… But I try 5.7 - 6.1 we are on the runway. Take that 258(base water) out and we are almost identical.

OK friend, I am out, I have to smoke a few, crash and dig up a buffalo box/curb stop in my yard in the AM, thats a 5 ft deep hole in this part of the world.


Be safe out in the heat i feel you there i got to remodel my bathroom tomrrow move toliet flange, hang durrock and prep for tile hopefully next weekend, clean ac coils ): and thats crazy how that is early veg numbers! Whenever we talk again i would like to know what is your ec/ppm on a full feed :thinking:

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Have you talked with them to find out which of the nutes they would recommend? :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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@HappyHydroGrower no i called them and at that time they were still conducting test on my water and let me know it would be able by end of work day for them and i didnt receive it until around 7 pm and they are closed today and sunday but i will be calling monday and asking for sure! But pet said he was jealous of my water so it cant be that bad lol

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Sometimes folks do have high ppm’s but it may contain enough good stuff so it’s not too bad. I use my tap water but I have good tap water with ppm’s around 65ish and pH around 7.4 so it’s pretty easy for me to water. I know they have helped several on here over the years. Started out using GH in coco but switched to Jacks once I went to hydro. I’ve been using Jack’s for right at 3 years and love it. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Yea its definitely by far my go to now i tried tps, foxfarm and GH and it didnt have an effect as far as i have seen with jacks but then again ive learned alot within 7 months of coco and how to water juat figured out runoff will always be higher than inflow :rofl:

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Hey pet if you ever check back do you use a ro system for your water? What is your start off ppm?

Only reason why im asking is you said
“Take that 258(base water) out and we are almost identical”
Im just curious to know what you start ppm are?

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I believe you’re on the same page as Pet.

If a Gal of water measures 200 ppm’s, and then you add your nutes that total 1000, then your total ppm’s would be 1200 ppms.

I think this is what you are referring to. If not then maybe @Pet_de_Chien will chime in and clarify it. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Yes, Exactly.

Our water chemistry is likely a bit different in what is creating the total alkalinity for each of us, I get Chicago muni water, thats Lake Michigan… On top of that, we are both using Phosphoric Acid pH down, it too has its own ppms/pH, I use 1ml to 2ml depending on what is in my nutes, your at 4 - 4.5ml…Yet, we are in the same range…is what I was basically stating.

See what Peters comes back with in terms of recommendation on that water test, they are good, I would go by their recommendations they will be Science based, not comparison based that I am doing.


Thank yall ive been trying to reach them since 8 am havent called me back yet thou but they usually do so ill give yall an update when i hear back from them @HappyHydroGrower and thank you yall again!

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I spoke with her and she recommend because of my high Alkalinity she recommends this because even thou i ph down to 5.5 to 5.8 this buffer should stablizes the ph drift i see in my res from jumping within 24 hrs back to 7.2 she also said the only concern she see with my water test is the sodium content but as long as i handle my drain to waste and not let them sit in there for to long it shouldnt be a problem i also asks about jacks for tap she says its a option but not required because i have more freedom with the 321 to adjust my levels as need as jacks for tap is set at 12-5-20 npk. As far as adjusting from the 321 formula she also stated that is not needed because she sees nothing wrong at those levels it should supply all their needs. She also recommends getting a ro system if my soduim continues to burn them even with drain to waste that is the burn i am seeing on my plants which makes so much since :exploding_head: but that would only be the reason i needed it is to remove the sodium


Excellent News…and the sodium isn’t even in the High flag on the report.


Thats what i thought too but thats the only thing that concerned her because my question was do you see anything on the report that i would possibly ever need a ro system for

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Only if you were to change to a DWC/RDWC or water supply to a Well with weird unpredictable minerals. Do you have any houseplants that are dying from being watered with tap?
It does not seem to be a range I’d just jump into an RO for, @HappyHydroGrower probably also offer a great opine on it.

If your not using some microbes, find one you like and is $affordable and look for Amyloliquefaciens and Subtilis in the mix.

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IMO, I would stick with the Jack’s 321 and no RO system. Try that before adding more stuff. I don’t see anything with your plants that screens change something.

A lot of folks here have a little nute burn from using Jacks. I don’t even worry about it anymore. It never gets worse. Jacks really is so easy. Mix and feed exactly like they say, full strength, seed to harvest.

The damage that I see on your plant could have been when it was younger. When you have an issue, even though you catch it early, the damage is almost always already done. It just may take a min to show up and when it does, it may continue to get worse, and may not.

The pH buffer might be something you need if you can’t get pH stabilized.

pH is a funny thing. It will want to revert back to a neutral state. 7.0 But, after it’s a certain value with Jacks, provided conditions are close to optimal, it will remain stable… unless you see it won’t. Then I would try to buffer.

I use Armor Si in mine which raises the pH. I have 22 gal in my system and have to use 3 tbs to get my pH down to where it will hold it. I use to do it a little at a time and would always have to readjust. I have learned how much it takes in my system to keep it stable.

This is the part that has to be done to get a base line so you’ll have a better idea of how everything is mixing and how long it takes to get where you want to be.

I would mix a gal of Jacks.
Check pH and ppm’s. (document)
Let it sit for about an hour recheck and document. (stir periodically throughout that hour.)

Next I would adjust pH to where you want it.
Let it sit for about an hour. Recheck and adjust as needed

Repete till you have the pH where you want it.
Then add up the total amount of pH down used to get you to pH range. That will be close to what it takes to get your pH stable in 1 gal of nutes.

This is if your running a hydro system, all water, or mixing your water up in bulk. Jacks will last a good while just in water as long as it doesn’t get too warm.

Hope that made some sense. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


@HappyHydroGrower @Pet_de_Chien thank yall everything yall say makes since had a long day at work emergency call and emergency call ceiling fell in one unit and then a busted hot water heater in the next lol all in a days work thou! Sorry for the late response but yes i do use microbes tps billions i like it because of its in my price range but i want to go on a auto water system when i get my shed up runinnng because it doesnt clog up the nozzles from what i understand and it also has everything i usually add such as mykos and azos that i can add every watering and it has made a major difference! And it does adjust my ph down as well for some reason i dont understand that fully but it does and yes i will be conducting this test hopefully tomrrow after work if its not a shit show like today lol and will fill yall in on the results and maybe have some more questions again thank yall!


Update on my flower tent coming into week 8 sunday still trying to understand trelis netting
I can never understand what this is my 2nd flower run and its the same ending as before idk if this one will make it ither /:

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Think of a trellis net as a support instead of a scrog. IMO, it’s better to have a firm scrog (pvc and string) instead of a trellis which is too flimsy.

Your doing great. Leaves will die off late in flower.

One last thing to think about if I haven’t already said, make sure you stay on top of keeping your pH meter calibrated as they can get out of wack pretty easily if you haven’t already found that out. Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Yes i still havent got around to ordering my apera yet been doing renovation on this house still
wife is starting to get a lil upset if i buy to much stuff for the grow but she tolerates it lol but i plan on buying the ph apera60 for now i calibrate my dr.meter about every 2 weeks will be calibrating tommrrow for test thats for sure @HappyHydroGrower