Is this a ph issue?

can anyone tell me what wrong with my girls please??
is this on my leaves just a ph issue??
im using AN sensi grow a&b which says it buffers to 6.5 so WASNT ph checking my water…i started seeing yellowing about a week ago so I did buy a proper blue lab pen. .i fed this morning@ ph 6.0 and 383ppm and my room rh was 49%@ 23 degrees.
Shall I just keep ph my water for few days and see will it go, or you think is different issue???
PLEASE any advice???DSC_0085 DSC_0084 DSC_0083

If you’re in soil then you should Ph to 6.5, not 6.0. You have a potassium deficiency and possibly magnesium as well. The right Ph should correct it.

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Hello spacepirate75 gals look good and it does look a little yellow around the edges ph should be at least 6.3 and no higher than 6.8 to avoid nute lockout also maybe feed some calimag it will green them up and don’t go overboard with the nutes they’re still young peace brother grow a monster!