Is this a nutrition problem?

Im new to this and i cant seem to make my plants happy. Any idea why they are looking like this? Seems to be getting worse. Any advise?


Good Morning :blush:. Have you checked for insects? Or, have you gotten water on the leaves while watering?

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How high up do you have your fan, power wise, and how close.

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Also, your girls is transitioning to flower. Back off on the nitrogen just a smidge.

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My exaust fan is on 5 and my oscillating fan is on 2. Just started cal/mag and thats the result. I barely put any 2gal jug.

Goos morning. Well i sprayed the plants 3 days ago and i thought i over sprayed so i havnt sprayed yet. I did get some water on the leaves and wiped them off. Not sure if it was a good idea or not.

What are you spraying? You don’t need to be spraying unless u have bugs.

Lost coast plant therapy. I didnt see any bugs but from what ive read people say prevention is better than solving the problem so i sprayed the whole plant. Also just started bloom and mag/cal last time i watered.

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