Is this a nutrition problem

New to this, I have a Hindu Kush that seems very light in color compared to the other plant I have. I’m using fox farm big bloom. I have the pH at 6.35. watering only when needed. Can I get some new grower advise? I’m also growing them in a tent with a carbon filter and fans. My light is only on 60% and about 1 ft from the plants. I’m actually happy with the bigger plant. I don’t know what kind it is…


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Is that coco with perlite?

Big Bloom only contains micronutrients like copper, boron, and iron. You also need potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus and those are provided with Grow Big and Tiger Bloom. You need these as well.

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Great , I have all three. Should I start doing it now? And do I water separately or can I mix them together?

If your in coco you need to be at 5.8-6.0 ph. And I would raise your light up to at least 24 inches. What light are you running?

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Mix them together and then pH the solution.


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Thanks everyone, they look better already