Is this a nutrients problem

Hey forum, This is my first indoor grow and I am running into a problem. It looks like some sort of deficiency I can’t seem to get a hold of.

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed. GG#4 clone from dispensary.

  • Method: FFOF and worm castings at 6 to 1

  • Vessel: plastic pot 3gal.

Water Ph at last feed (3.5g/gal Jack’s bloom booster and 5ml Botanicare cal-mag) was 6.80, ppm 657, EC 1315. Runoff was at pH 5.78, ppm 370, EC 740.

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable

  • Indoor or Outdoor: indoor 2x4x5’7" closet.

  • Light system: viparspectra p1500 as of now 30" from canopy plus two corn LEDs at 60w each.

  • Temps; Day, Night: day 79-81deg; night 73-75deg

  • Humidity; Day, Night: day 60-62%; night 53-55%

  • Ventilation system: one 6 inch fan blowing from the top down ongoing.

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: no ac, small humidifier, no De-humidifier

Last fed yesterday morning. Problem started about a week and a half ago. Dec 12. I did a pH flush at 6.50 with 2 gal of water. After flush pH was at 5.90, ppm 259, and EC 403 runoff. I’m at a loss not sure what to do. If some one could help it would be much appreciated.

Light set-up

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I am at 4.5 weeks veg, which is from the day I up-potted to 3 gal pots. Forgot to mention. Thx

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Have you been giving cal mag all along or just on the last feed yesterday? Looks like mag def. to these eyes.

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Started with the cal-mag at 1.5ml/gal on Nov 28. Then upped the dosage to 3.5ml until Dec 9 feeding twice a week. Dec 9 up til now at 5ml/gal. Thx for the reply @Eagles009

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You’re welcome, based on the look of the leaves, the location of the effected leaves, and that you just recently started administering a full dose of your cal mag I feel pretty good about that’s what you’re looking at. Plenty of more experienced growers than me around here if they see something different they will chime in. Nice plant! Just a note the damaged leaves won’t repair themselves you will want to look for spread of the condition or lack there of on new growth.

Thx. I will stay with the 5ml of cal-mag per feeding. Thought I was giving too much at one point.