Is this a male? Way difereent then the others

Just the leaves look different on this one than the rest of my plants. It also hasn’t even flowered yet it looks like it is preflowering maybe but I don’t know it doesn’t seem to look right what do you guys think


I dont see male or female parts yet.
From the way it looks I think its going to be female.


No ball sacks so that’s a good sign.
The leaves look curled up though.


Plants of the same strain can grow very different looking phenotypes. That would account for the “different” leaves. I don’t see any signs of pre-flower at all. How old is she? Is she an auto or photo?

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I see no male parts. :+1:

i see too many nutrients tho . dont see male

I would also check your runoff, you may need to change your nute schedule. There are little white hairs on your girl parts :blush:

Doesn’t look very healthy, but I can’t tell the sex either.