Is this a Male or whats going on with this

it sure doesn’t look like my last and only grow.

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Omg get rid of that thing

More balls than a basketball factory

That’s as dude-ish as they come


Yes it’s a male

Oh and welcome to the community

Lots of fine folks here

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well there you have it. Dammit

yes I do these old tired eyes missed it on my plants

So once I pull them out of my grow tent how do I need to clean the tent before I start my next grow?

Wipe down inside of tent with at least water though I’d go the extra mile and use a spray of 91%isopropyl alcohol instead of just straight water

Let dry completely

Supposedly water alone will neutralize any pollen that got out, but I figure if you’re gonna spray and wipe anyway, might as well do a proper sanitize with alcohol. I only suggest 91%because it’s easy to find and strongest you can get at local grocery store/pharmacy


awesome thank you for your reply

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This is a close up
male plant


Not only is that a dude plant, it’s excited


Welcome to the community !

Hah no kidding it really looks like that on most of em

Boy oh boy…my condolences… happens to us all… great lesson on the benefits of genetics. Finally bought feminized seeds this year. It worth it for the piece of mind.

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Holy great balls. More balls than a gang bang, LOL!!! Hopefully that’s not to far. LOL

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More of a man than I am, lol… yes burn to the ground…

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LMFAO… Killin me…

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