Is this a Male or female

Can anyone tell me if this is a Male or female. It’s a bcn powerplant auto on 6 weeks from seed and haven’t flowered yet. Is this preflower or the start of sacks.

Wow! I started to say too soon to tell, but then zoomed in on that high res pic, and you can just see a calyx and pistils (or something that looks very much like it). Looks like a girl to me.

edit: it’s an auto, it’s feminized. It’ll be a girl. Worst case, you would watch for male parts making it a hermie, but autos are feminized.

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Thanks I know autos or fem but banks make mistakes and this one havent flowered yet. Thought they might’ve gave me a male photo.

Not all autos are fem

So can you tell if this one is a m or f? I cant. Thanks in advance

Sure can’t buddy. Look for thin wispy white hair coming out of those green spade looking things where branches meet stalk

I’ll tell you in three weeks!

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Thanks anyway. I see something coming from one. Wait for pic in a sec.

I thought I read somewhere that autoflowers were all feminized. So they have to be sexed, too?

Only the non fem seeds. I’ve been on a couple other seed banks that have regular autos

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I stand corrected, and more informed. :smile: