Is this a male or female help

This is a fruity pebbles from the dutch it’s in bloom

is it a male or female some one help

first is obviously female…congrats two white hairs on each seed pod will confirm. yours is beyond that

second n third pics are male…notice round dingle berries? They will end up hanging three or four off each side of the main branch. Like grapes.

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I would get rid of the male before he gets to the nice little lady you have.

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the pics are from one plant is it a herm

they are all one plant all three pics is it a herm.

ONE plant? ALL same pic? Yeah…it’s a hermie.

hermie unfortunately

Sad Got them from the Dutch I thought they where good.

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Are you growing indoors or out? tent or room?

Nm, room obviously. Have you turned off all your lights and sat in there in the dark for a while(10-15min for eyes to adjust) to make sure you dont have unknown light peeking in?

was out doors brought it in put in bloom

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Any light leakage during the dark cycle can cause plants to turn hermie.

so what ia it lol

I have a huge blue dream in the same room give a min I will send pic

Bummer !!! :o

I think you have a point I should have waited for it to sex before I put it in bloom. I did so with the blue dream I pulled it out the yard and put it in bloom