Is this a magnesium deficiency?

Hi everyone. These are zkittlez autos being grown in soil using only the super soil organic concentrate by nature’s living soil. I also used their girl flower power and molasses to make a tea that I watered them with. This is only on one plant. I have not added anything to the water but have ph’d at 6.5

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If all things are equal and this is the only plant showing these signs, flush her real well and refeed her. I’d tell you to check your runoff and ppm except I don’t know what any of that means.

What was the other soil you mixed with?

Probably a good time though to hit it with calmag

I used their other brand of super soil amendment. You mix it in with the dirt and it’s supposed to get it thru the auto flower cycle. I used that and mixed it with happy frog soil. That’s all that is in there. No nutes added.

Looks like a phosphorus deficiency and possibly nitrogen as well. I guess I’m saying she looks hungry imo