Is this a lost cause?

I started two new seedlings a few weeks ago. One was a California Dream, the other was Trainwreck. I started them both in the same propagation area, with a heat mat and high humidity. Temps were around 80.

Both seeds germinate with no problem. Both are from ILGM. I was using a foliar spray that I forgot had some rooting solution mixed in with the water. Not much, but still, for a seedling probably too much.

The California Dream never missed a beat, she just kept on growing with no problem. I have since moved her into my RDWC system and she is going strong.

However, the Trainwreck is another story. Shortly after it germinated and grew the first two shoots, the leaves all turned brown.

I checked into this and someone mentioned it looked like it was fried with nutrients, which is when I remembered the solution I added. I stopped adding the foliar spray after that.

I have been keeping an eye on the trainwreck seedling. So far, she hasn’t grown. The very center of the plant is green, but the green doesn’t seem to be expanding or growing.

This is my second grow, so I’m really not sure if this seedling is just very stunted and will recover, or if I should just call it and start another seedling. the pictures below show the green center for an idea of what I’m talking about.



For comparison, here is what the California Dream looks like. Both were germinated under the same conditions side by side under a T-5 light.

There’s a little bit of green left, it may still be possible to survive.


Ok, that was my thought as well. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t holding false hope. :slight_smile: Thank you for the info.

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If it’s stays like that for a week, I would start another seed if you can.

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I was thinking it might just be very stunted…but I think it’s starting to go downhill now. I’ll give it a few more days unless the green fades completely.

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I have made the decision to call it. She held on for a while, but I took a look with a loupe and she looks worse. I think she’s done. RIP.

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I’m sorry to say she’s done. You made the right call. It happens don’t beat yourself up. Good luck on the rest of the dream grow :+1:

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By the way, I love that Avatar.

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Lol thank you kind sir :+1: it was this or pickle Rick :joy:

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