Is this a hermaphrodite?

While I was checking my 8 week old Northern Lights Auto Flower today I found my first few hairs turning brown on some of my buds. Hurray! Unfortunately, I also found these…

Small green pods with 2 small brown hairs protruding

Do I have a hermaphrodite on my hands? And if so, should I be removing these immediately?

Many thanks for your thoughts!

Nope. Looks like a female to me. Show pics of buds though please.

Hi @ktreez420

Thanks for having a look and sharing your thoughts. Having a hard time taking a great pic because my eyesight is not great and my phone’s camera is sort of ‘meh’ - I hope these provide enough detail.


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They look good to me, I don’t see any signs of hermie happening. They look very nice too, good job @hobbygardener! My girls all get those bulb like growths as well, but it’s normal. You can check your plants better for more evidence of hermie going on. Just check the buds for signs of any seeds starting, or sacks coming from the buds. If you see what looks like little bananas coming from your buds, that’s a sign of a hermaphrodite. Give her a thorough check and let me know, but I still think you’re fine and have a nice girl growing here!



Thanks @ktreez420 - that’s a load off of my mind!

Although I’m on my second grow, this girl (feels good to be able to type that) represents the fruits of my first grow’s labor. Still got that ‘new grower’ case of nerves, worrying about every little thing… lol!

I genuinely appreciate your taking a moment to have a look. Thanks :grin:

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Yes I agree with @ktreez420 they look just fine. You have a nice grow @hobbygardener and by the way welcome to ILGM

B Safe

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Thanks Will. I’m very proud of my first efforts. Despite having 4/5 of my first seedlings destroyed by a rampaging crow and nearly drowning my remaining plants in an earnest effort to make sure they got enough water (Do these plants look dry to you? ;-)) I feel like my remaining yield will be something that I’ll be proud to smoke because I put a lot of my heart into it.

No idea what the final yield will be. Not too concerned with the strength either. I’ve just really enjoyed the journey and am looking forward to putting my feet up in about 4 weeks and enjoying the fruits of my labor. It’s nice to be here and I appreciate all the insight, help and support that I’ve gotten along the way.

PS. The plant in that picture smells ridiculously good - sort of a cross between a tangy citrus and a cup of Earl Grey tea!

That is really great to hear you talk like that you’ll do just fine. As for your plants looking dry I can’t really tell but what I can say is they look very health :grin:
If you ever need help feel free to ask I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

By the way here is pic of one of my girls

You take care and remember just ask



Thanks Will. And very nice looking plant. What variety?

Wild Thai and NY Desai