Is this a hermaphrodite bud

Take a close look at the bud. I can’t tell if it is normal to have those green looking elongated things. The bud is really
tight so I don’t know if they are leaves or bananas. Help!

If it looks like a calyx with a pistil coming out of it, it is certainly a female flower. If it looks like a banana, a pouch – almost like a miniature little green melon, or almost like the tip of a skinny yellow chili pepper and without any sign of the pistil hair coming out the tip, it may be a hermaphrodite.

Male flowers on the left and female flowers on the right:

Banana or yellow chili pepper like hermies:

Pouch, melon or pod like hermies:

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You’re good, nothing to worry about. This is your girl trying to swell up. Be proud haha!

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Thank you Phew


Thank you. I hope because the bud is so big.

Hey thanks. Going to take another look.

Thats a great looking bud all girl

Looks good to me and normal.
I have never seen nannas on the bud before but I have seen them on leaves!

phew thank you. I looked at other pictures on other websites and I think they are swollen calyx.

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This lady is coming down Saturday

Thank you MacGyver. It was a commercial seed and I grew one so I was lucky