Is this a herm?

I’m with @Eagles009 that is full of typos or i hope they’re typos :sweat_smile:


ILGM doesn’t have a “Valley Girl” strain, and haven’t sold reg. seeds for going on 2 years or so, to the best of my knowledge. If you bought some seeds from an unreputable seller, you probably got hermie seeds. Too much stress will hermie almost any plant! Then if you did buy reg. seeds from a reputable seller, odds are half are going to be male anyway!


Ok so maybe I typed too fast and didn’t proof read. I’m just saying based on the last sentence in the screenshot “applying lst will keep successful females from turning hermaphrodite.” Maybe my lst and stressful upbringing caused them to herm (now two so far). I’m going to watch this new one for a couple days and maybe pick off some the potential balls and see what’s inside. I have a couple different strains I could work with so maybe this one is just prone to produce hermaphrodites.

This was an article on the ilgm blog. He has a bunch of info on other strains than his and his write ups are much better than anything else you can find. I got these seeds from a friend but they are from archive seed bank. So far half were males but if this next one harms it will be 6/10 that were male(ish). Just trying to figure out why I’ll possibly have two that turned herm. My co2 monitor had some green lights coming from it but I killed that. The mini split unit very little but it’s way high up and far away. Not sure its contributing but I’m going to cover it tonight. Sorry for the ramble.

Hey @Joe44 I wasn’t talking about your post being full of typos it’s the screenshot that was kinda confusing to read, and I’ve never heard of training being able to stop a plant from turning herm. I’ve never heard of soaking a bud (seed) having anything to do with a plants sex. I’m sure that eagle was talking about the same thing. I know my posts are pretty tuff to read sometimes because to remember what’s going on in some conversations I have to read mine to catch back up and I can’t figure out what I was trying to say sometimes lol

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Ha! I thought what I wrote made sense but wasn’t sure. Here’s some more pics from the other plant. The differences are from node to node on the same stem. The single swollen ones maybe could still be female but the bunches are starting to worry me. Unless anyone can say with certainty these are junk I’m going to watch them for a couple days.

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Yep male parts again @Joe44 see how they are on little stems and are striped. There’s always going to be one of everything but 99.9% will be male when they’re like that. Look at this little girl she’s a different beast lol


K well every single one of this strain has these. Some worse than others for a total of five plants being herm. I ripped one open and it sure looks like a bunch of miniature bananas. How is this possible? I have two fem huckleberry and they look fine. @MeEasy

It’s obviously bad genetics you were just the lucky one who got the bad seeds. Im sure anyone else who grew from that batch of seeds is going through the same shit

Mother&#$! Seriously? So what can I possibly do to save any of this?

This imo is why messing with the sex and or DNA of plants shouldn’t be happening. I have given in and grown a bunch of fem seeds in the past few years and more so last year. I still prefer regular seeds they grow better stronger and faster but you have to put up with the males being mixed in.

You can take the plants out away from the others and remove all the boy balls and spray it down really good with water or just remove them and put em back in there and take the chance. What’s done is done finish the grow just don’t grow any of the seeds you might get out of anything in the tent. You do not want those genes to continue on

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If you do spray em make sure you increase the airflow in the tent by turning all your fans on hi for half a day and shake off any excess moisture from the buds right away after spraying

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These were regular seeds. I had four for sure males and now looks like five herm and one maybe just female out of ten seeds. I feel like I’m going to puke! It seems like the male parts are only coming in on the new shoots from the main stems. They are def erupting into bunches of bananas.

And just to be sure here. If I dont catch them right away as long as I get dont split and spill pollen they shouldn’t pollinate the rest right?

They may have been regular but the mother was probably a fem that was already heavy with the herm gene breed with a male which will make reg seeds with flocked up genes

There’s probably pollen all through your entire tent the room it’s in and probably half of your house. That shit is so fine and will stick to your hands, feet, face and anything else connected to you. It hurts me to tell you this man I’ve been there not exactly but close. How far along are your plants?

I haven’t seen anything that’s split open but who knows. I have I think two that dont have any so far but I’m looking close. They are two weeks into lights flipped but the seeds were dropped Halloween night. They sprouted in two days and had a shitty upbringing until I figure out some shit. they’re 13 weeks old overall. They showed flowers after two or three days after flipping. Some of them have decent size buds already. Seriously this is such a bummer. @MeEasy

I would spray the entire thing down real good water will dilute the pollen. Just shake off your buds and run the fans and hope for the best you’ll probably end up with a handful of seeds but everything else will be good. Watch for more balls. I’m sure you’ve smoked some buds in your life that had some seeds. You might get lucky and not get any seeds at all

Thanks for making it not seem so bad. I’m plucking balls with bananas inside now. I’ll keep up on it. So just a decent wash down with water, shake buds off, set fans to high. Should I wait to do this until it’s closer to lights out? @MeEasy dang it’s not tagging you when I respond to your comment.

Yes never spray anything on your plants while the lights are on or turn em off right after spraying.
With all this bad luck you’re due for some good :+1: no seeds :crossed_fingers:

Seems like a stupid question but this is def a sack of bananas right?