Is this a herm are these seed sacks

I am week 14 I believe got these all over it I have other posts jack herer autos waited another week still waiting on tricombs and these are looking like seed sacks to me but they are not hard like old pistols sites where I cut

And also have the yellowing or what ever this is

Should I leave it and ride it out a few more days or chop it


If there are hairs growing from them then they’re calyx’s same thing the buds are made out of. Sometimes they’ll pop up at the base of nodes in one’s and two’s. Doesn’t mean theres a seed in there. Open one up and check for a seed if you find a seed there’s a good chance there’s more seeds to find on the plant.


Should I send them to darkness for 48 hrs and hang them now

No seeds they are just airy like little flowers

That’s what I thought but I have a twin he kept arguing with me that they where seeds there not they are the old pistols hairs what you see when they first start flowering when I cut the fan leafs I may have touched them

And the swelled a little

I don’t think I am going to get much more weight I didn’t have right lighting and really still don’t but my next one will be better as I have done my homework and just watched these three grow for my first auto indoors for what lights I had I think I did ok won’t really know till the end I only had a MH 250 with a hps 150 with a 8k led off Amazon with veg and grow and and used a little of all three prob had full messed up spectrum from everything have learned from here what a good site to get info

Let them go. They’ve got weeks to put on weight still. Pulling them now will be a short lived, cerebral high. There’s no signs of male parts on them.


I am watching the tricombs I am almost there but not quite Amber mabey a spot here and there but they are milky I been trying to pack on some more weight anything else I can do to trick them or get them to swell up

I seen things like putting a pencil threw the stick or ice in the pot

I’m seeing female preflowers in the second picture. As suggested above, let them go a little longer. I wouldn’t try to stress them, just give them some time.

I know the packing is a selling point but how long are these going to go it said 7 to nine weeks they are greenhouse jack herer autos and then should I be fixing what the one fan leaf is showing the brownish yellowish change of color

And the orange tips

Got any pictures without the purple light

I am at 90 days is that part of it finishing up soon I hope I have three church’s I have to Flipp that lost there homes

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I don’t want to rush them if they are going to fatten up but I think they got pretty cold the other night in a ice storm not sure how long they where in but the temp was at 50 from a normal 75 day and 65 night with lights off and humidity was at 20 that useslly was 45 to 35 some times before I get to fill humidifier

I had to fight to get my numbers back for two days I couldn’t get it to rise up past 30 two days

Humidity at 30 not temp I got that back up right away but couldn’t get the humidity to stay on