Is this a hemaphrodite?

I have had a few hermie, always from bag seeds. They all turned before flowering. Those beans above showed up a couple weeks before I flowered.

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Thanks @MacGyverStoner I’ve seen that before actually on my last outdoor grow where one started out as a male, and ended being a female with lots of seeds



MG_0853.JPG I am a newbie can someone tell me if this is hermie? White widow auto flower.

I culled it just to be safe. I have 5 of 6 doing well. Thank you for your imput

My pleasure glad others are going well

I am also new to the post! I do not believe you actually commented on my photo. Please anxious to hear what you think. Hermie no hermie? Want to learn
Thank you

I commented on it one of the first few, and @MacGyverStoner gave you a perfect explanation see post above from him

Yes thank you! just trying to navigate this forum. Not a tech type person. I guess then that I did the right thing. Learning everyday and I am sure into it!

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Your welcome you’ll get the hang of it in no time

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This was my white widow extreem auto this was the only one to show it’s self they said it could be the light my tent is not light proof

Kill that thing…