Is this a healthy timeline? (Pic included)

The timeline so far has been.
Planted - 8/3
Breached Surface - 8/5
Current - 8/16 - First set of fan leaves w second set developing and signs of third set showing

Beardance auto growing in happy frog under a 18 and 6 schedule.


Looking healthy just a little under developed Grow Bro. Temps and RH are critical during the seedling period and the 1st week of veg during the root development. I would mist the inside of a clear solo cup and cover the seedling, remove daily for fresh air and to re-mist the inside of the dome. Water about 2 ounces around the outside of the dome every 3rd day. Run the light 24/7 at a DLI of 20-23 with temps around 76-85 and an RH of 65-75%, the dome will provide the needed humidity. Remove the dome completely when the leaves are touching the side :love_you_gesture:


I do have her under a humidity dome and I am misting the inside of the dome daily. Ill remember the 2 ounces of water every third day.

I will also change up the light cycle.


Right on and keep me posted Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Nice 3 day difference :love_you_gesture:

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Being that she is in happy frog she should have enough nutrients for the time being correct?

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Happy frog is usually good for about 4 weeks

After that what do you recommend?

I can’t remember if you running autos or photos

This one is an auto .

Do i mix into the existing soil?

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What size pot are you using?

Growing in Happy Frog will feed the plants for approximately 4 weeks and would top dress the 4-4-4 around week 3, with this plant being an auto and could possible start flowering around week 4-5, top dress the bloom nutrients with the veg nutrients Around week 4-5 :love_you_gesture:

What 444 product do you recommended?

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I don’t use dry amendments, my suggestion was based of the different NPK ratios on the veg and bloom nutes you posted. I use jacks 321mixed in water Growmie :love_you_gesture:

So i noticed this. When i watered this morning. Is she about to flower?

I use Gaia All-purpose (4,4,4) 2 thumbs up. I’m not an auto-guy but it appears your just now leaving the seedling stage and merging into the vegative stage (when you see 2-3 nodes/branches) which takes maybe 4-5 weeks before flowering starts. Any auto growers please correct me if not accurate.

Getting there.