Is this a healthy flower?

After finding clear sections of bud rot on all the autoflowers I harvested earlier in the summer, I’m paranoid about bud rot any time I see any bud that looks at all dark. I’ve been careful to keep my remaining outdoor photoperiod plants from getting wet since they started flowering, but the grayish tinge of these buds from a distance and their dark spots when zoomed in to the photo below have got me nervous:

Please tell me this isn’t bud rot or other disease! :worried:


Hard to tell what’s around base of those pistils. Looks kinda dark, but also time of year you will see some natural color changes

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You are wasting your paranoia. Plant looks fine.

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rot/mold looks like moldy bread black and brown…yukky

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Yup. Looks like cold weather color flip. Ease ur mind


Should post more shots just to be safe but I agree with @PurpNGold74 you look good :+1:

Worries me too.
It is a bit young/airy to get bud rot, but it can happen. More pics from more angles will help diagnose.

Damn botrytis is soooooo frustrating.

Upon further examination, I don’t think it’s bud rot after all. Every flower on the plant looks this way, and it doesn’t look like the brownish/gray funk that I saw on previous plants that were clearly suffering from bud rot. In this case, it looks like the dark color is contained in what I assume are the newest sugar leaves just starting to form. I’m hoping that’s just normal for this strain when exposed to some cooler night temperatures outdoors.

Here are some additional pics:

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I see you are growing your plants under pine trees! I might suggest removing dead material from your plants. That material begins to decay and the decay process is what molds thrive on.