Is this a healthy early flowering or foxtailing?

Left is blueberry auto, right is granddaddy purple auto

Planted: 6.5 weeks ago
450w LED light
Medium: Organic soil + supersoil
Nutrients: 20/20/20 nutrients sprayed on once a week
No ppm/ph tests done, use tap water

Does this look like healthy early flowering stage? Or are those foxtails at the top (I saw some pictures of them in reading about this stuff and I’ve become paranoid about developing them). Have only been folding back leaves- not defoliating- any concerns about whether that would be necessary also?

Any other thoughts/concerns from more experienced people? Plan on going to a 4-5-3 nutrient blend very soon.


You won’t see foxtailing until later in the grow. Right now she is just putting up pistils.

Foxtailing is not really a bad thing. There’s no need at all to be paranoid about developing them. I try to achieve some foxtailing in my grows because it helps tell me that I am really pouring on the lighting. I just cut off the foxtails, as the trichs on foxtails will mature later than the rest of the flower since the calyxes are developed later than regular calyxes.

I wouldn’t spray her at all with anything. Soil nutrients are sufficient and the risks of spraying are not worth it. You risk burning foliage and mold problems when spraying.

She looks like healthy early flowering.


Welcome to the forum @jfar plants are looking good. Just as @MidwestGuy stated, they’re just starting to flower!!

There are two different foxtails, a generic one that will start from the very beginning and there’s nothing you can do about it. The plant will grow airier buds than normal but it still smokes good and will have the same affect.

The second type of foxtail will appear towards the end of flowering where new piston will start to shoot out of maturing buds. If this happened you can back the power of your lights off a bit to counter it if you choose


Fox tailing is when the bud never stops developing so it just continues to grow upwards top will always pushing new pistils will always be immature compared to the older growth , you’ll see it once maturity start settling in here some examples




Thanks for that, very nice to know!

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Here is Fox tailing late in the game.

We had our power turned off for 70 hours during the hard freeze in Texas this year…Feb 2021.

At least this is my understanding of fox tailing.


Ba hahahaha! Epic!

I’m totally stealing that picture.

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haha brilliant analogy