Is this a good time to transplant outside?

Question from a fellow grower!


I have a question. I started a plant inside in July. It is doing quite well. What are your thoughts on transplanting it outside? I am in CT and wonder if it might be too late. I had a plant outside in the past and it got huge, about 10’ tall. It was harvested in mid-October.

Thank you.


Plan on a late Oct early Nov harvest. What was the weather last year? Did it freeze? Your plant will die once frozen. Did it rain a lot? Probably not a problem but mold, mildew and bud rot could be factors.

Got an extra plant and you want to see what’s what? Go for it. Document it here. Let’s us know where it fails or show off the pretty buds. Good luck…


Exactly what @oldmarine said. Its August 26. If u put her out today, and we take 2 weeks for transition…

It should be flowering Sept 9

Plus 8-10 weeks

Nove 4-18. Thats wayyyy to late for Connecticut. Sorry bro. Od keep her inside. But if u got an extra plant? Try it

Do it in my humble opinion… it’s already up and growing good so why not… always a chance it’ll make it… just in time for thanks giving and Christmas oh yeah what a present :christmas_tree::pray:
Best of luck :smoking::dash::beers: