Is this a good price…?

So I priced checked jacks parts A & B and Epsom salt at a local Hydro store.
These are the msrp on them…
25lb bags are all that’s available

Epsom Salt $110
Really? Do I need that much, and is that a good price? Seems steep to me

Jacks part a $51
No shipping

Jack’s part B $75 no shipping

They said that they Would give me a break on the prices and not charge me manufacturers suggested retail price but that’s a ballpark figure so does that seem excessive in price or amount or am I going to need that much anyway for one grow?

I know I’ll need it eventually but getting lower on cash now and looking to save

Compare prices on Amazon.

$110 for epsom salt is completely ridiculous. Get some at Walmart, but make sure that what you buy is pure epsom salt. It will be maybe 5 to $10 for a bag that will last at least a year.


Ebay is prolly the cheapest I’ve seen 35 bucks for 4 pound kit

That’s exactly what I thought

I was thinking dollar general but same general idea

Got my epsom salt from Lowe’s, for $9 for 7lbs.

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110 is just crazy talk


That is probably enough for 10-20 years of growing depending on number of plants you grow. Crazy price on the epsom salt, can get a 19lb bag on amazon for under 30$. No need for 25lbs of it either as you’re gonna use half of the epsom salt as Jacks part B, so a 12.5lb bag of epsom will last for the 25lb of Jacks part B. The Jacks part B 25lb is only $51 on amazon, though not a bad price for the part a ($64 on amazon).

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I bought Part A and Part B from Esbenshades Garden Centers in PA
I just checked the prices for 25# bags
Part A 49.99
Part B 43.99
plus shipping. It was around $10 to midwest


That’s more like it! Thanks for the direction on that

$110 lol. Farm supply has magnesium sulfate 6 bucks.

This what I use, 14# $10

Calcium nitrate you can buy at a lot of different places for $30ish too


I picked my bag up at target $2-$3

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I actually got the 25lb bag for a ridiculous price from Jack’s because it says added micronutrients on the bag. Was I duped ? LoL to late now

Not looking good @BetrayedSoul

the Epsom salt prices are def a little crazy. funny, one of my clients is the mining company that prob mines at least 30% of the raw material that ends up packaged for MOST of what you see in stores (they mine train cars per day. so um yeah, most of it comes out of the same spot and a lot of it is even packaged by relatively few companies that co-pack for all the diff labels you see in the stores (welcome to life behind the curtain :wink:

unfortunately a lot of times when you see a statement like “added micro”, or added whatever it may be that nothing is added at all (they are just using that to explain why the product is less than 100% pure), or it could be that for every train car, someone sprinkles in a teaspoon of “special ingredients”.

Remember the company that advertised that their product contained pure gold? it did, you just would never be able to find it even with lab analysis :wink:


I pay 34 bucks and 43 bucks and like 5 bucks for 7lbs of epsoms. Hell i have enough epsom salt to last me til i die for growing now. I had 2 bags here and bought 1 when i started cuz i diidny know we had it here. Wife and girls use epsoms salts and make salt scrubs with essential oils and potpourri flower stuff for looks. Shiz smells real good atleast the orange one does snell like fresh peeled oranges

Amazon has 2 lb bags of A and B for $32.00.