Is this a good mixture?

A question from a fellow grower:

i am using maricle grow totally organic, fish fertilizer and miracle grow plant fook(non burn), is this a good mixutre?if not what is?

You should have good results with that soil. I have used Organic Choice by Miracle grow. I quit using it, because it seemed to attract fruit flies, and other pests.

Does not matter what you use as long as you do not burn up your seedlings by placing them in “Hot” soil before that have established a Root zone.

hey this is darryl54 again on the best soil to use as a beginner my question is what about organic with bat guano is this a good mix from start to finish getting ready to buy more seeds however need to know is this a good mix i have all ready wasted 300 on seeds making rookie mistakes with my soil

We keep telling you not to use nutrients or fertilizer at the beginning of grow. I have no idea what Dr. Earth’s GUano stuff is. If you want info about a product; Post a link to what you are talking about. Thanks