Is this a good meter


I have the PH20 by aperia and finished first grow using it and it’s easy peesie to use and read.

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Make sure it has a replaceable probe, if not you’ll have to buy the whole thing if it screws up. I like the h/m digital meter myself

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It’s a good meter. However you need to be aware that the replacement probe is about $80. You can buy a decent meter for less than cost of replacement probe.


I have the apera pH 60 model I like it alot. Mine is very dependable.

I love it o have the same model it’s great

I feel the leader and a couple other regulars are pretty knowledgeable and helpful and this is the same one I was recommended to guess so I would definitely say it’s a decent one :slight_smile:

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The h/m digital replacements are about $35 and I like it better than the apera

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I have that one. I love it, especially since I don’t need two meters. Just bummed that a couple months after I bought it, a bluetooth version with app came out. If money is no object, buy Apera.