Is this a good grow tent?

Idk if it’s a good tent or not most I looked at were costly and built cheaply I built my own from PVC pipe it’s 5’X8’X8’ high it’s adjustable or expandable. Put up and take down in about 7minutes. I used gray tarp and glued “windshield sunlight deflectors” ( thousands of reflective facets on them) bought at wallyworld for 1.97 each. I added two 5” intake and exhaust fans and bought a A/C floor vent diverter along with some dryer vent hose and each time the ac cycles cold air is piped in. Total cost for the doityourselfer ? Appx 138.67. I know some are great but most are flimsy with no room for personalization with my girls lol

Thanks pal🙋bye

Tents are not that expensive. My 48x48x80 was like $95 and it is well worth it for all of the built in ports, vents, and side zipping options. To make one that is as accommodating that is hand made would require a certain level of skill and wouldn’t be much cheaper if made to the same quality of the store bought.

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That will work for 3 plants any more and you will be pushing it. If you can go for a 4x4x6 grow tent if you got the space for it

Buy the tallest tent that will fit in the space your putting it in

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I agree with others, go tall - 80" fif you can fit it vertically At 60", it will be difficult to fit the lights and adult plants, without significant LST/topping.

As far as floor size, how man plants do you want to grow? I bought a 24x24x48 specifically for two weeks of seedling growth and three weeks of veg growth before transitioning into a bigger room. I had six plants and by the middle of week four they were overcrowding each other.


Height is a key factor! Plant pots and lights take a chunk of your usable space.

They are great tents I mean Gorilla is the best but most I got a hydro crush and it's great. I got a whole kit for 300 light, tent, ventalation system. It’s not plastic poles they are metal and hanging bars can hold 75 to 80 lbs. And they fit anyware.

Mine is 31"x31"x6’ and with vent fan ducting and filter you lose about 7" but my lights are 2.5" so it can handle around 5.25 ft