Is this a good grow room?


Is this a good grow room please share your opinions and any suggestions would be great


I don’t plan on keeping all of them and I don’t plan on keeping the plants in there long term I will eventually move it outside but the weather has been very bipolar I just want to know if I can improve anything with the plants or lights


Looks like it will do the job, although, I’d get better light in there. You can already see your plants stretching


We have had members grow in fridge boxes trash cans you name it just remember that temps can get hard to handle and yields are based on size of canopy


As a short term solution to get you outdoors, it should be fine.

I’ve read that those CFL bulbs are more effective if they’re horizontal and have a reflector. Even then, I think You’d need one per plant. Once they get a couple nodes on them the CFLs will be totally inadequate but maybe you’ll be ready to go outdoors.

Have fun wit it.


I have completely vegged a plant under cfl, very nice plant too you just need more of them I had 6 23 w 100 w equivalent @PhantomFarmer is correct the one will not work for all of them and turn sideways and try to make a cheap reflector out of a throw away aluminum foil pan use 6500k light bulbs too


Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I definitely plan on getting better lighting the plants have actually grown quite a bit since those pictures I’m just a little curious on how long it should take to grow I heard 3-6 months and I hope that it will be somewhere around 4-5 please share your opinions and keep in mind that I plan on moving them to outside as soon as the weather gets nice.


If you put them outside then it will late summer or fall when the days get shorter


Once you move them outdoors, mother nature takes over the calendar. Anytime after your dark period exceeds 10 hours they can start to flower. From then, 8 weeks, give or take a week or two until harvest.


this grow room is shabby. you just decided to torture the tender plant for nothing sake. the blood of the plant would be on your head if it dies due to much heat. the proximity of the bulb to the plant is extremely close. look for tidy grow rooms online and pick one or two things on how to get yours well done.


CFL bulbs can be ran as close as a couple inches I have personally used them so this hole cook a plant with is bs you need to have cfl real close which is why they say those bulbs are only good for 2 to 3 weeks