Is this a good fertilizer


A question from a fellow grower;

I would like to get your thoughts on this item:
Do you know anything about it or have any experience with this
Can you tell me if this is good ‘all the way’ through to fruition?
I’d like to know because for me it’s ‘readily, locally’ available
at a moderate cost.
It looks like an absolutely superlative prod., the
"Natures Bio Organic Fertilizer" AND "Natures Bio Nim Organic Pest."
I just want to be more certain that this is good for 'veggie tales’
with a ‘syrupy, flowery ending’ that would tug (nug) at the stoniest
of hearts! I am supposing you are busy and I respect your time as well
as your opinion; any word about it is greatly appreciated and I
heartily THANK-You in Advance!


All fertilizer is good. It is more a matter of how well a growers methods are than what fertilizer he uses. If it will grow nice Tomato’s, then it will work great for MJ. There is always a learning curve when using something new. I have never heard or used this product. LINK was blocked by ny Macafee firewall, so I did not look at the product.


Hey Latewood, I’m just curious now, what about weed and tomatoes makes them so alike when it comes to buying soil?


Both flower and grow fruit